The Girl I Never Noticed

Kiren is the type of person who only says something if it needs to be said. To be honest, I’ve never heard her say a single word. Sure, I’ve seen her lips move as she spoke to a friend, but I’ve never heard her voice.

I like to think of her as an observant young girl with a love for art, yet gestures remain to be strictly logical. Her mannerisms appear as smooth and as graceful as a swan in the water. She is thin, yet she appears to have a strong will deep down, despite how timid she may seem. It’s as if her eyes have seen everything, good or bad, yet she so gracefully manages to bottle it inside her.

Despite her lack of tongue, I imagine her writing is of the highest etiquette and standards. She exceeds in all she does, yet she has never boasted. Not once.

Her friends are bountiful, yet she truly speaks to few. The ones who hear her voice never fail to smile as the words she says are so perfect and true. I cannot ever imagine her speaking to someone without a need or strong desire yearning inside her.

She never answers questions in front of the class, yet everyone seems to just know she is greatly intelligent. Although I have never had the pleasure of speaking to this girl, I almost feel as if she wouldn’t respond.

– Humanity’s bliss

(that’s you too)